Inaugural Blog Post

Greetings, fellow humans!

My name is Czar, and I have not blogged in YEARS.

I used to blog at Mindsay back when it was a “big deal” (if it ever was a big deal…), so you can probably tell my age based on that information, but because of the recent election (and the news that has been circulating since), I have found myself at a bit of a crossroad:

Do I sit back and let the world continue as is? (After all, “He Who Shall Not Be Named” won.)

Or, do I speak up? (After all, being a straight, white, and male gains you certain privileges in 2017 America — Just ask “Lord Commander Marmalade.”)

As you can probably tell by my starting a new blog and all, I have chosen the latter. I am a high school English teacher, and that certainly helps, but I find myself holding back on my own opinions, as students need to be able to develop their own ideas based on their experiences.

Anyway, because Twitter and Facebook have their limits when it comes to in-depth thinking, I’ve decided to try this gig, and we’ll see where it takes me. As much as I would love to tell people that my ideas are important, this is mostly for self-therapy. The way my mind works is NEVER STOP THINKING ABOUT ALL THE THINGS!

As I said earlier, given that being straight, white, and male has gained (not earned) me many privileges, I am finding taking a seat the easy way out. After all, the majority of his policies won’t hurt my being straight, white, and male (not that this should motivate anyone, anyway — perhaps being a halfway decent damn person should).

Part of me is among the people who are out of fucks to give. Part of me is among those who understand being “moderate” — whatever the hell that means — is the only way to get people to see the damage that is done under the veil of politics.

Some might call me a progressive at this point. I am not sure that I would self-identify as one. I find it difficult to join political parties. I understand the motivation  behind it (especially when it comes to challenging someone like HWSNBN becoming president*?), but part of me is reluctant (after all, isn’t this to some degree how HWSNBN became president*?).

Anyway, like I said, this blog is dedicated to my political development as a human being more than anything. My hope is to learn more about myself as well as others’ stories. Being passionate about literature, I love stories. They can teach us nearly anything there is to know, and yet, most importantly, literature can teach us to be more understanding of life and the pursuit of happiness.

Therefore, part of this blog is going to be dedicated to literature, but also to topics in parts. One of the difficulties of blogging is fitting every topic into a short argument. Politics is multifaceted and seemingly endless. You can being with a topic as simple as bacon and up talking about transcendentalism. So, I will be blogging in parts, and we’ll see where that that takes us.

Before we begin, I also want to apologize for any assumption that this blog is related to anything Russia. I promise it is merely my last name.